Tips On Planning A Themed Party For Adults

Who says themed parties are just for kids? Adults can absolutely get in on the fun, too! Themed parties add a splash of magic to any event, whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, hen’s night or retirement party.

Imagine stepping into an event where every detail, from the decor to the drinks and party supplies, transports you into a different world. Your party will be the talk of the town for weeks!

To help you get started, we offer expert tips on hosting a themed party for adults, from designing invitations to crafting the perfect menu.

  • Go the extra mile with your invitations

Invitations set the tone for your themed party. Every detail, from the design to the wording, should whisk your guests into the event's atmosphere and build excitement.

For a beach party, think of vibrant visuals like ocean waves and sandy shores, using a palette of blues and yellows to capture the breezy, seaside vibe. A 1920s speakeasy invitation should ooze elegance with Art Deco borders, classic fonts and a chic black and gold colour scheme.

For a touch of Hollywood glamour, design your invites to mimic glamorous movie posters or VIP passes, complete with red, gold and star motifs.

  • When it comes to decor, every detail counts

Decorations bring your chosen theme to life, and it all begins with thoughtful planning for your venue layout. Consider the flow of traffic and the placement of tables, dance floors, bars and stages. Each area should be thoughtfully arranged to prevent overcrowding and allow everyone to move comfortably.

Before purchasing party supplies, develop a visual plan or mood board that includes colours, textures and key elements. This will serve as a guide to keep your decorations unified.

When planning party decor, remember that small details can make a big difference. Think about napkins, straws, coasters, placemats and candle holders. Table scatters are an inexpensive way to add a touch of luxury and detail to your decor. They can include sequins, beads, thematic confetti or faux petals that capture the eye and add texture to your table settings.

And don’t forget the lighting! Lights can dramatically alter the mood of a party. Consider using dimmers, coloured bulbs or LED strips to enhance the theme further. Soft fairy lights can add a magical touch to a fairy-tale theme, while neon lights can enhance the vibe of an 80s neon party.

  • Set the scene with every bite

When planning your menu, ensure every dish from appetisers to desserts resonates with your party's theme. Consider crafting a signature cocktail like a "Pirate's Rum Punch" for a swashbuckling pirate-themed bash, or a sleek "Gatsby Martini" for a glamorous Roaring Twenties affair.

Don't forget to serve these delightful concoctions in themed serveware to enhance the experience! Tiki cups are perfect for a luau, while mason jars add just the right rustic charm for a barn party.

  • Energise your guests with unique games

Include activities that not only entertain but also immerse your guests in the theme. For example, a celebrity quiz game for a Hollywood party, a mini treasure hunt for a pirate-themed party or a casino night with games like blackjack and roulette.

Encourage guests to dress up and show off their creativity by hosting a costume contest. This works well for almost any themed party and can include categories like “Most Authentic,” “Most Creative” or “Best Couple.”

  • Add a personalised touch to your party favours

Party favours are a delightful way to thank your guests for attending your party.

Instead of opting for standard keepsakes like keychains or mugs, consider offering DIY favours that guests can assemble during the party. This could range from creating custom-scented candles at a spa-themed party to engraving glasses at a wine-tasting event. You can also set up a station with fabric markers, stamps or stencils so guests can personalise canvas tote bags.

Setting up a photo booth with theme-specific props and backgrounds is always a hit. It allows guests to create fun, memorable photos that double as party favours. Whether it’s superhero capes and masks or stylish fedoras and boas, these props are perfect for getting everyone into the spirit of the event.

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