30cm Baby Shower Blue Printed Balloons 8 Pack

30cm Baby Shower Blue Printed Balloons 8 Pack

RRP $3.99
SAVE $1.00 (25%)
30cm Baby Shower Pink Printed Balloons 8 Pack

30cm Baby Shower Pink Printed Balloons 8 Pack

RRP $3.99
SAVE $1.00 (25%)
30cm Holy Cross Satin Pearl White & Silver Ink Latex Balloons 25 Pack

30cm Holy Cross Satin Pearl White & Silver Ink

RRP $21.99
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Baby Shower Decorations & Supplies Australia

Have you ever attended a perfectly organised baby shower that left you green with envy? Or perhaps you want to set the standard among your colleagues, neighbours, and friends? Either way, what every baby shower needs is lots and lots of themed decorations.

No one deserves an all-out baby shower party like an expectant mother. After all the stress of pregnancy, they deserve a little pampering. Unique Party Shop in Brisbane has all the baby shower supplies you need to make it a memorable event. Here are some baby shower themes and ideas you can use:

Baby Shower Decorations, Themes, and Ideas

  1. Baby Shower Balloons

    Balloons never go out of fashion. Baby shower balloon decorations can be formed into various patterns around the house. One of the most popular ones is the floral arch, which is both breathtaking and very unique.

    You can get balloons printed in various baby shower themes, assorted colours, and even pre-filled with confetti. Balloons of all sizes and designs are available at Unique Party Shop Australia. We deliver to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, and all major cities and towns.

  2. Babyshower Paper plates and Disposables

    You don't want to have to do a ton of dishes after your baby shower party, do you? Get these baby shower themed disposables to serve your guests without worrying about cleaning up later. They are of high quality, eco-friendly, and designed to add to the natural mood of the party.

    You can buy baby shower supplies like these online so that you have an idea of what you’re getting. Apart from paper plates, you can also order paper cups, straws, cutlery, plastic plates, cello bags, and more.

    To add a touch of colour and creativity, buy coloured and scented tissue sheets. Your guests will love them!

  3. Paper Lanterns

    Paper lanterns may just be the coolest baby shower theme decoration for that perfect ambience. You can make them out any paper colour and hang them around lights. They create a soft, smooth light, suitable for such an event.

  4. Alphabet Boxes

    Alphabet boxes are an unbeatable classic party decoration. You can add treats inside for guests to take home when the party's over. The best place to buy baby shower decorations like these is online through Unique Party Shop Australia with national free shipping.

  5. Crêpe Streamers

    No party is complete without crêpe paper decorations. With crêpe paper, a pair of sharp scissors, and enough imagination, you can turn your baby shower party into a festive occasion.

Baby shower parties vary. You can have gender reveal baby showers, animal-themed baby showers (elephants are popular), and about-to-pop baby shower parties. Whatever your baby shower idea is, we have the best baby shower supplies in Brisbane Australia-wide.

Contact us today to order your baby shower decorations and supplies. You can order online and have them delivered anywhere you like. If you have any questions, feel free to ask or visit our FAQ page to learn more.