Hire a Photo Booth and Props for Your Festivities on the Gold Coast

If you want to do something that will make your party stand out, hire a photo booth on the Gold Coast for your party or celebration. It is probably the most enjoyable thing that you can offer your guests. It’s guaranteed that they will rush to the photo booth repeatedly. Here’s the best thing – it’s not expensive. Once upon a time, people may have thought that a photo booth would only be found at events hosted by celebrities or members of the upper class. Not anymore. Anyone hosting a party for any reason can afford a photo booth these days.

When you’re looking for a photo booth and props on the Gold Coast at a competitive price, you want to visit the Unique Party Shop. We have everything that you need to host a memorable party or celebration. Whatever your requirements – balloons, costumes, banners, disposable plates, and cups, all in a wide variety of colours and perfect for many special occasions – we can fill them.

Why a photo booth for your Gold Coast party makes sense in so many ways

A photo booth is a great idea for any event, regardless of the occasion. They’re very useful at any corporate event. Not only are they entertaining for your guests but it’s a smart way to extend your brand. Guests at a wedding get to have a keepsake of the special day. Having a photo booth at a kids’ party is guaranteed to be a hit. Kids love to get dressed up in goofy costumes, or hats and beards, and make silly faces with their friends. If you only had a photo booth at a function and nothing else, your party would still be a success.

The first photo booth was introduced to America in 1925. A Russian immigrant named Anatol Josepho put one on Broadway, and almost 300,000 people used it in the first six months. He sold his invention two years later for the then unimaginable price of $1 million and continued to get royalties as well. Mr. Josepho understood what makes photo booths so popular - people like to take pictures together and they like the fact that they get an instant “hard copy.” In 1925 that was true because it was hard to get pictures developed. In 2017, it’s because we take all our pictures on our cell phones. Photo booths remain the most searched for party item on Google, even more than wedding DJs.

We have all your party needs

When you’re looking for a photo booth for hire on the Gold Coast, we are the company you should call. We can help you plan your party, and then help you find all the requirements you need. Our goal is to be the place that you automatically think of when you’re considering hosting a celebration and you want to make sure it’s successful. We have great customer service and very competitive prices. Call us today for all your party needs.