Hire a Photo Booth and Props for Your Brisbane Party

If you want to make your celebration something special that people will talk about for years, you’ll want a photo booth for your Brisbane party. If you’ve been at an event that features a photo booth you know how people line up to have their picture taken. If you include props, such as funny hats or glasses or beards, guests will often line up a second time for more pictures.

When you want a photo booth for hire in Brisbane, visit us at the Unique Party Store. We not only can rent you a photo booth for your party, but we can supply all the other accessories and trimmings you need to make your party a success. When you want to find a store that’s the one stop-shop for all your party requirements visit us today.

Get a Photo Booth for your Brisbane party

There are many good reasons to have a photo booth at your next party. Photo booths are quite affordable. Once thought to be only available to the rich or famous for their parties, a Photo Booth is a great idea for your get-together or one for your office. They don’t require much work on your part. In fact, they don’t require any work. Most shops send an employee along with the booth to make sure that it is set up properly and everything runs smoothly. So, you get a great party idea that comes with zero labour. It is, as they say; a win-win situation.

Photo booths are also a great idea because they provide entertainment and a keepsake to take home at the end of the evening. You can enhance that keepsake by including photo booth props for your Brisbane party. They are fun and often help a person who might be a little shy to relax and enjoy themselves. You can also tell your guests that you have a photo booth and that they should bring their own props if they want to take a uniquely themed picture. Overall, having a photo booth at your Brisbane gathering is a great idea and it is guaranteed to be a big hit.

We can provide all your party needs

When you want to go to one place for all your party supplies in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, come and see us. Our staff is happy to help you plan your event and find the supplies that you need. We offer competitive prices on all our products so that you can get everything you need in one place and not have to shop around.

We have balloons of all sizes, shapes, and colours, costumes for kids and adults of all ages and sizes, trimmings and accessories that will help make your party glitter and shine. You can find banners, bunting, mirror balls, disco balls, toys for lolly bags, and we can help you put all these things together around any event or celebration you like: a Hens and Bucks night, Chinese New Year, Australia Day, Oktoberfest and the Melbourne Cup to name just a very few. We are the place to go to find all you need to make your party a memorable event for you and your guests.