How To Plan A Hens Party

Being asked to plan a hens party is both an honour and a huge responsibility. If you've never planned one before, you might find the whole thing a bit daunting. That's why we're here to help you learn how to plan a hens party and give the bride one of the best nights of her life! With our quick guide and handy hens party checklist, you'll feel much more confident and excited about all the planning ahead.

Planning a hens party isn't as complicated as you might think, especially if you've been given enough notice. The major tasks involved in planning a hens party can be broken down into five steps. You can use these steps as a hens party checklist to keep you on track and make the process as stress-free as possible!

1. Consult with the bride

You're celebrating the bride-to-be, so her input is incredibly important. If the hens party is going to be a surprise, there are still basic things you need to know. You should ask if she wants to go abroad or stay nearby, how many days she'd want the party to last, what she would dislike, etc.

2. Create a guest list

While you're consulting with the bride, ask her who she'd like to invite to the hens party. You can then create a group on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to communicate details and dates with all the guests.

3. Choose a date

Once you know what days the bride would be free for the get-together, consult with the group chat to decide on an official date. Try not to delay this step. It's important to give as much notice as possible in case people need to book time off work.

4. Decide on a budget

Traditionally, the bride-to-be doesn't pay for her hens’ party activities. That means it's up to you to decide on an appropriate budget. A good way to do this is to create an anonymous survey for the attendees to disclose how much they can contribute. This will help you find an amount suitable for everyone without putting people on the spot.

5. Start booking ASAP

Now that you have your dates, guest list, and budget, you need to start booking ASAP. This includes hotels, flights, activities, restaurant reservations, limo services, etc. The sooner, the better — this is not something you want to leave until the last minute.

6. Buy decorations and games

With the essentials all taken care of, it's time to shop for the fun stuff! You can buy games for you and the girls, like truth or dare cards and drinking games. You can also buy cute decorations, tableware, photo props, and team bride gear for the whole group. If you think the bride would like it, consider picking up a few cheeky novelty items as well.

With this hens party checklist, you're ready to start planning a celebration to remember. 

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