Hire A Helium Tank for Your Gold Coast Party

Everybody loves a good party. Children look forward to birthday parties. Office workers look forward to parties for a break from the daily routine of their jobs. Friends look forward to helping celebrate a couple’s anniversary or one of their mates’ promotions. Lots of planning goes into hosting a good party, and it’s the extra touches that can make it a real success. For instance, you want to have lots of balloons. Balloons add a touch of sparkle and glimmer and fun to any gathering, regardless of the age of those in attendance. Blowing up balloons, however, can be a bit tedious. Which is a good reason to hire a helium tank for your Gold Coast event.

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On the Gold Coast hire a helium tank from us

People have been using balloons at gatherings for a long time, probably about 150 years. The first recorded mention of balloons as a social “amusement” appeared in print in the late 19th century. Balloons as we know them now (smaller, made of rubber or latex and filled with a gas and not hot air) were used at first primarily for military purposes. It didn’t take people long, however, to figure out the balloons were fun and added an element of something special to a gathering.

The 20th century starts to see the widespread use of balloons for parties and other events. The ever-popular sausage balloon first appeared in 1912, and it was about 20 years later that they first started to be used to make balloon animals. Foil balloons came along in the 1970s.

On the Gold Coast hire a helium tank the day of the festivities. That’s because helium will stay in regular latex balloon for about 18 to 24 hours, so the best idea is to fill them just before the celebration if possible. Foil balloons will remain firm for 2 to 3 days but can stay airborne for almost two weeks. It is possible to re-inflate a foil balloon, but it must be done by carefully blowing air into it with a straw.

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