Hire a Helium Tank in Brisbane for Your Party

What’s a party without balloons? It’s like cake without frosting or tea without lemon. It just doesn’t seem right. Balloons brighten up any gathering, be it a birthday party, a retirement party, a celebration of an anniversary, a going-away to college party, etc. There is only one downside to having balloons at a party: blowing them up. Anyone who has held a big party and spent two or three hours beforehand exhausting themselves blowing up balloons knows that frustration.

There is a better idea. You can hire a helium tank in Brisbane from the Unique Party Shop. A helium tank takes away that frustration of trying to blow up balloons properly. It also reduces the amount of time spent on that task which means you can concentrate on other things for the party. Also, if you’re going to hire a helium tank, you need to get a wide variety of balloons. You can find them all at our shop. We are Brisbane’s one stop shop for everything you need for your party or celebration.

In Brisbane hire a helium tank for your party

Here’s a bit of fun history about balloons. The first rubber balloon was invented by the great scientist Michael Faraday. He put two rubber sheets together, separated by flour to keep them from sticking and then seal the edges. He then filled it with hydrogen and noted that it gave his two rubber sheets “considerable ascending power” – which means it floated up quickly. (Just the way scientists talk.) It didn’t stay aloft for long, however, and he noted, sadly, that the gas escaped easily.

As more people experimented, the quality of these first balloons improved and soon found their way into the military. It wasn’t until 1873 that we find the first mention of balloons used for the “amusement of popular gatherings” in a newspaper. The first sausage balloons came on the market in 1912, and it was in the 1930s that some entertainer figured out you could twist balloons to make animals. The next great step forward happened in the 70s with the introduction of foil balloons. These balloons were much easier to print on and better to carry messages such as ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Congratulations.’

When you decide to take on a helium tank hire in Brisbane for your party balloons, you’re carrying on a tradition that began almost 200 years ago - although Faraday never knew the joy of inhaling a little helium to make your voice sound squeaky.

A place for all your party needs

So, if you’re in Brisbane, hire a helium tank for your party from us. We can also supply all your other party needs. We carry all types of accessories that will make your party something special. If you want your event to have a theme, we can provide plates, napkins, invitations, etc. in a wide variety of themes. And if you want to avoid doing a lot of dishes, we also have disposable cutlery, plates, and cups in almost every colour you might want. If you want to give your party a costume theme, we carry those as well.

When you’re in Brisbane and a helium tank for hire is what you need for your function, you can find that and all your other needs at our one-stop party shop.