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A birthday celebration is a special event. Regardless if the party is for a child, a friend, or loved one you want to make sure that it’s a memorable event for them and everyone you invite. That means you want to find lots of goodies: games, balloons and lolly bags for kids, a photo booth with lots of props and a huge banner and maybe some bunting for adults. When you’re looking for party supplies on the Gold Coast, you want to find a store that carries everything you need. There is nothing more tedious than going from store to store only finding one item at a time.

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Birthday parties were not always such noisy and fun affairs. In the first part of the 19th century, wealthy Victorians used children’s parties to show just how rich they were while at the same time teaching their children some etiquette. For instance, young boys would learn how to lead when dancing with a young girl. There was no such thing as gifts from friends. Only parents gave gifts to the children or, in a rather interesting twist, children would give gifts to their servants. The motivation of the entire event was to teach children how to take their place in proper society. So, these birthday parties were very large and over the top, almost always organized by the mother who had lots of servants to help with the clean-up.

It was the Germans who introduced some fun into the idea of birthday parties. They added the idea of cake with candles and later the lolly bag, ice cream and celebrating the party in an outdoor setting or at a popular venue.

By the mid-1920s smaller parties like we know today became much more popular. Servants were not to be found in homes anymore, and no mother or father wanted to clean up after 40 or so sugar-saturated youngsters. Mums no longer picked the guest list. Instead, their children, who now attend school graduated by age, did the inviting.

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